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Since its founding, Giat collaborates with Italian and multinational companies, helping them to solve their problems respecting at the same time workers ‘health and environment.

Workers and environment are so important to Giat that in the beginning of the new millennia the production of silicone has been completely overhauled, banning peroxide silicone and shifting production to platinum silicone, which is much cleaner and safer compared to peroxide silicone. Moreover, platinum silicone has better physical properties and is more suitable to be used in the biomedical, transportation and food industries. Thanks to its reliability and values, Giat has been a long time supplier of many companies active in the white-goods industry, automotive, energy, mass transportation and food industry.

Nowadays Giat has not stopped to innovate and continues to research new solutions for its clients.


Environment friendly company (awarded by Bocconi University and Legambiente)
Top 100 most innovative SMEs in Lombardy (awarded by Polytechnic University of Milan)
Prize for innovation, heat shrink tubing (awarded by Milan chamber of commerce)